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Ian Miller
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Freelance digital artist, tabletop miniatures painter. I have a background in computer science, but my true passion always has been and always will be character creation. I dream of leading my own video games development studio one day.


Ryujin merchant, Junko
Little is know about the woman. Her tent will just show up in a town in the middle of the night and after a few days it is gone. those who dare venture into the tent are often amazed and horrified. Junko could be called a merchant of sorts, but what she sells is rarely physical objects, and what she charges is rarely money.
Using her pearl of wisdom, the dragon, can see into the river of time, and for a price can tell you your future, and for a much bigger price can change it.  She travels with a elven slave girl, said to be born of the first elves. Stories say that the elf was a princess that sold her future to the dragon in exchange, the dragon saved the kingdom from a coming destruction.

Junko stats
Age: Older then any recorded history
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147lbs
measurements: 115/71/96
Favorite food: Sake
Weapon of choice: Magic
Personality; Seductive
Favorite Color, Blue
Tools carried: Long pipe, pearl of wisdom.
Quote: "How much do you think your soul is worth?"
Magic Capabilities: Only limited by her fickle personality 

Example introduction
An unusual sight was sitting in the middle of one of the lesser used castle yard this day. A small blue striped tent had been set up, with smoke baring an unusual aroma drifting out the entrance. 
Stepping in the tent is filled with the smoke and the walls soon become lost as one wanders deeper into the smoke. Before long the soft splash of water can be heard.  
"Oh I didn't hear you come in" A well endowed woman sits soaking in a pond. A pond that could not possibly fit in the tent you saw outside. "Perhaps you would care to join me for a drink and bath? No? Oh well, if you came to my tent surely you have business." The woman climbs out of the pond and as the water drips off her naked form she grabs the edge of the pond and picks it up. With a snap one might use to shake out a rug the pond itself becomes cloth of a kimono which the woman dresses with. You can still see a couple of fish swimming in the cloth of her dress. 
"My, name is Junko, please have a seat over here, we have much to discuss." Junko snaps her fingers "Tea."
Only moments later from the smoke emerges a pale elf girl, clad only in rags, caring a tray with a pot and two cups.
"Please, drink. You must be wondering who I am and why I have come here." Junko pauses as she sips her tea. "To put it simply I am a merchant, but unlike most merchants I can buy and sell immaterial things. Time, age, knowledge, experience, emotions, your future." Another sip of tea "But understand I am not your friend and I am not here to help, only profit. This land is on the verge of tragedy and when that happens people are willing to sell far more for the slivers of power they think might help them." Another sip. "So young apprentice are you interested in selling a part of you?"

While maybe not a game mechanic you want to add, it might be interesting if someone like Junko could convert experience the apprentice has earned at a 3:2 rate so for example could turn 3 exp of sword into 2 exp of bows.
For a price Junko could also inform the apprentice of upcoming events or the like.

This is an entry into the Faulty Apprentice Merchant design contest.
The game is currently on steam greenlight…
The contest can be found here  Traveling Merchant Design Contest! [OVER]
Merchant Contest Review stream will be on Twitch, Thursday at 4pm(pst). sakuyasworld and I will be going over all the entries talking about what we think is working and what is not. Great chance to get more in-depth feedback on your entry and/or learn more about designing characters for games.
Twitch Channel:
Update 2: One entry will be chosen for new Guard character! Patreon Supporters will vote for who they want to see in the game. So be creative and make your entry stand out! 
Update 1: Faulty Apprentice has officially been Greenlit by the Steam Community! Thank you everyone for the support. Check out the great entries we have so far!

Judging Patron’s Choice:

Ayako, wandering merchant
Ayako, was born your everyday fox, nothing special about her, But when the young kit's parents were killed by poachers she was left alone in the world to starve. One day an old wizard happened upon the dying fox and took her in.  Raised in his tower the ambient magic flowed into her, gifting her. While she had little control over the magic it still granted her unusual abilities the most impactful being she stopped showing signs of age. Around the time she turned 100 years she had gained basic shape changing powers and could take the form of a mostly human girl. Having lived most her life in the wizard's tower she decided it would be best if she got out to see the world. So with a few supplies she said goodby to the wizard. it has been over 100 years since Ayako has seen the woods surrounding the quaint castle where she was born. In that time she has become a rather successful merchant even owning a small ship and crew. She brings many exotic goods from across the ocean. 
Most notably the "Dragon's Fire" weapons small man made tools that allow even the least magically gifted people to fire sprays of lead and fire from their hands, the impact of which can pierce even platemail armor with ease.

Ayako stats
Age: 217, she grows an additional tail with each 100 years.
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115lbs
measurements: 81/64/86
Favorite food: Spicy grilled fish
Weapon of choice: A flintlock pistol named, Inferno 9 
Personality; Confident.
Favorite Color, Red
Tools carried: Inferno 9, canteen, water resistant cloak to avoid sunburns and rain at sea, Spyglass, magnifying glass and a number of other tools used to appraise the value of items, fingerless gloves protect hands for ship work while keeping fingers for item inspection, coin purse.
Quote: "What's the rarest thing you have ever seen? I have 10 of it and things beyond your wildest dreams."
Magic Capabilities: Shapeshifting, universal translation, lie detection, ageless.

Ship stats 
Name: Fukuroku (named after a god of wealth and happiness)
Class: Caravel
Cargo capacity: 100 tons
Cargo types: weapons, armor etc, 10 tons, Food 40 tons, exotic cloth jewels spices 30 tons, Animals 10 tons, medicine 1 ton,  magical goods 100lbs.

Example introduction:
     The castle harbor is strangely busy today a ship bearing the symbol of some kind of golden bird on the sail is in port. 
    A large hairy man smelling of salt and wet socks slams into you with a barrel.
       Apprentice  A: "I'm sorry, I'll just leave now" (Leave scene)
       Apprentice  B: " I'm the WIZARD"S Apprentice I want to talk to the captain.
           Sailor  "HAHAHA Sure you are. Captain's right over there" he gestures to a small girl with tall ears and red hair. *mumbling* cap'n 'ill know ya lying*mumbling*
                The red haired girl stands on top of a barrel shouting orders in some language you have never heard before.
                    Apprentice A: "Excuse me Captain?" 
                        Captain: "What do you want kid? You look to poor to buy anything and to weak to work, I have no use for you." She turns back to her orders.
                            Apprentice, I am the wizard's apprentice, I came to see what all the commotion was. 
                                Faster than the eye could see the captain pulls a strange tool from her belt and presses one end to the apprentice's throat. Then stops for a moment sniffs the air. "You are not lying." she narrows her eyes as she puts the tool away. "Fine you have my attention now. Call me Ayako"
                                    Apprentice A: What was that thing you just pulled out?
                                        Ayako: Inferno 9, its a tool invented in the far east, called a flintlock, that can put the power of a wizard's fireball in the hands of anyone, I have a few for sale if you want one, but they are VERY expensive. Inferno is my personal side arm I use to take the heads off of deal breakers and traitors.
                                    Apprentice B: You know the wizard here? 
                                        Ayako: I knew A wizard from here, but you humans tend to live such short fragile lives.
                                            Apprentice: Durandall?
                                                Ayako: @#$%^Y&*()
                    Apprentice B: some other idiot thing the apprentice could say

This is an entry into the Faulty Apprentice Merchant design contest.
The game is currently on steam greenlight…
The contest can be found here Traveling Merchant Design Contest! [week 2]
Update 1: Faulty Apprentice has officially been Greenlit by the Steam Community! Thank you everyone for the support. Check out the great entries we have so far!
Update 2: One entry will be chosen for new Guard character! Patreon Supporters will vote for who they want to see in the game. So be creative and make your entry stand out! 

Judging Patron’s Choice:
One entry will be chosen by my Patreon supporters to become a new Guard character! Be sure to get creative with the race of your Traveling Merchant! 
Dinmoney Patreon:
Design a character for Faulty Apprentice!
To promote Faulty Apprentice on Steam Greenlight, AGL Studios is hosting a Character Design Contest!
The Traveling Merchant! Better late than never, the T


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